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  • What do you mean by zero maintenance?
    If you choose our wood fibre composite cladding materials instead of traditional Larch or Cedar or other natural wood exteriors, then you will never again need to paint or stain your cladding material. Our standard fit IS Siberian Larch which is a nice material, you have the choice to use our new wood fibre composite cladding materials means that our buildings now only need an occasional power-washing to maintain their factory colour and look.
  • Can i use my garden room all year round?
    Yes of course, our buildings are fully insulated with the U-Values of a modern house and are warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • What are the planning regulations?
    Generally, it is classed as Permitted Development. If you choose a Garden Room or Garden Office which is below 3m in height, and you are not a listed building or in a special zone, you can fit it anywhere in your rear or side garden without a Planning Application or Building Warrant being required as long as its under 30m2 and doesn’t take up more than 50% of your garden.
  • Are your garden rooms well insulated?
    Yes they have extremely high levels of insulation to enable year-round use, typically 125mm to Walls, 125mm to Roof, and 100mm to Floors. This is just one reason why they are ideal for use as a Garden Office as they are comfortable all year round.
  • What type of insulation do you use?
    We use a mixture of Kingspan or Celotex PIR foil backed insulation (for its low U-Value) and Rockwool (to improve soundproofing).
  • What is the roof made of?
    For our flat roof models we use a Firestone EPDM rubber with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • What type of cladding do you use?
    We can offer all variants of cladding from Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Exterior Wood Laminates and Wood Fibre Composites, the best is our composite cladding which comes in a range of colours and styles including cedar.
  • What guarantee do i have against my roof leaking?
    We provide a 10 year installation guarantee and Firestone guarantee their EPDM rubber material for 25 years, so you are doubly covered.
  • What is the internal finish?
    We have a couple of choices, new to the market which is popular is our jointless PVC Wall Cladding, this comes in may different colours and designs from a tiled or wood design to the in split face slate, its maintenance free, doesn’t need painted and gives a stunning finish. We can also provide a traditional plasterboard and tape to give the same finish as a house.
  • How long does it take to assemble on-site?
    Our skilled teams take from 5 to 10 working days on average dependent on the building size and style.
  • What foundations are required for my garden room?
    It can be installed on any base, our groundscrews will be level on any surface once we have completed the foundation and ready for the Garden Room building to be erected.
  • Do you employ your own fitters?
    All our fitters are trained and fully employed by us giving you the customer peace of mind that your are getting a very experienced team on your installation at all times.
  • Can i extend my garden room if i find i need more space later?
    In certain circumstances, yes.

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